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With up to 10Gigs of bandwidth available (and growing), we can serve business needs of all sizes. Ours is one of the nation’s first and most complete IPv6 networks.

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Business internet options

  • Wireless

    Up to 250 Mbps
    Perfect for small businesses that don’t need a lot of connectivity. Great for POS (point of sale machines) or checking email with one device. Compatible with VoIP (Voice Over Internet Provider). 3 Year contract price call now for more pricing options
  • Fiber

    Up to 500 Mbps
    Great for multiple POS (point of sale machines) and 2-5 computers working at a time. Able to handle security cameras and smart devices. 3 Year contract price call now for more pricing options.
  • Fiber/FiberWave

    Up to 1 Gbps
    Able to handle your connectivity needs. 3 Year contract price call now for more pricing options.
  • Fiber

    Up to 2 Gbps
    The ultimate in speed 2Gig upload and download. 3 Year contract price call now for more pricing options.

    Get the speeds you need and take the stress out of the internet so you can focus on running your business.
    Give us a call for other pricing options available

    281 Google reviews
    Jason Reynolds
    Jason Reynolds
    InfoWest has really upped their game these past few years! Best ISP in town, and I now say that with the inclusion that they are pretty good in terms of ISPs anywhere. Tech support is actually able to help, and when you can't get a hold of them immediately, they usually call back within an hour or two. They're more expensive than other options, and push for a contract (though I don't believe one is technically required), but their service is absolutely the most solid.
    Brandi W (Tasha)
    Brandi W (Tasha)
    Leonard was Fantastic! We appreciated how kind and helpful he was. Great Job Leonard for providing a great experience and introduction to infowest.
    Edwin Monterrosa
    Edwin Monterrosa
    InfoWest has amazing team members working in office and out. They were very attentive and helped me resolve any problems I had. The instal was very quick and had my internet up and running perfectly that same day. The wifi itself is very reliable and fast I highly recommend their services!
    Domenic Bush
    Domenic Bush
    Very unprofessional! First I had an appointment scheduled they called because they’re running late then they show up to the wrong house across town so they decided to go to someone else house first now I get a call and they cancel us completely and moved us back another week Horrible n very unprofessional
    Dr. Gainzzz
    Dr. Gainzzz
    Leonard was very professional and very knowledgeable with everything he did while hooking our internet up, he explained things to me in a very easy to understand way and taught me some things I didn’t know about Wi-Fi setup. He even went the extra mile and gave me an extra extension cord cable that he had that was needed for our wifi setup to look nicer and more presentable in the home. And he was very nice and polite! Great way to be introduced to a company I have a feeling we will be using InfoWest for the rest of the time we live in the area. Thanks Leonard!
    Mark Tanefski
    Mark Tanefski
    The atmosphere and people are totally unbelievable! I am pretty much left alone to do my position. And it’s so quiet it’s hard to believe. When other employees enter the building in the morning, they most always say hello even though my door is partially closed and my back is to the door.
    Dina Lopez
    Dina Lopez
    I’m very impressed that this infoWest company provide ,,excellent customer service help I really like infoWest
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    InfoWest Business Fiber

    Maximum performance, maximum value

    Fast, reliable connectivity is critical to expanding businesses in the twenty-first century. Real-time sharing, remote workers, multiple locations – these are the realities businesses face. Business Ethernet is the solution.

    Find out if this service is available in your area!

    Lower cost, greater flexibility

    You have remote workers on your VPN, host your own database, or transfer large video files from your office, Business Ethernet is the ideal solution. With prices starting at just $99/month, choose the bandwidth that fits your business, from 25M to 500M. For intense needs, we can even build a custom a solution up to 10Gigs!

    Symmetrical bandwidth up to 10Gbps

    InfoWest Business Ethernet delivers more reliable business-class bandwidth than a traditional T1 or Bonded T1 service at a much lower cost. Our fully-managed solution is backed by an SLA that guarantees 99.99% monthly uptime.

    All services include:

    • 99.99% Uptime guarantee
    • Static IP addresses (up to 27 – 32 addresses—more available upon need)
    • IPv6 Upon request
    • Unmetered usage – no bandwidth usage limits


    • Find out if Fiber is in your area! Give us a call: 435-272-4442
    • Installation and build costs extra, quoted upon request. Two-year minimum term. Ask about term contracts with more favorable rates available.

    InfoWest AirFiber 

    With InfoWest AirFiber we provide a dedicated high-capacity microwave link directly from our tower to your business. Speeds of over 1 Gbps are available with plans to fit all budgets. Many of our largest clients choose InfoWest AirFiber for fast, affordable, fiber-quality deployments. 

    InfoWest FiberWave

    Fiber speed and reliability without trenching fiber

    Terragraph is gigabit wireless technology that InfoWest incorporates into their wireless meshing solutions. This technology allows InfoWest to deploy faster speeds to growing communities without the large costs of trenching fiber. What does this mean for you? Up to 1 Gbps fiber speeds without trenching for fiber. 
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