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Kids Innovate STEM Camp

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Summer STEM Workshop for Kids

Friday, June 14, 2024!*

10AM - 3PM

*All children must be registered to attend. No friends accepted. Open to kids ages 7–12 only. Participants must be dropped off and picked up by the same person. These rules help us to ensure a fun and safe event. We appreciate your cooperation!


Examples of Our Fun Activities:

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3-D Printing

In this STEM camp class, students will learn about the process of 3D printing and its various applications in fields such as engineering, medicine, and art.
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How The Internet Works

This STEM camp class will provide students with a fundamental understanding of how the internet works, including how data is transmitted and received, the basics of internet protocols, and the structure of the World Wide Web. They will also learn how to splice fiber, and other installation methods.
Fiber Optic Internet Connection

DIY S'mores in a solar oven

In this STEM camp class, students will learn how to build their own s’mores oven using simple materials such as cardboard and aluminum foil. They will learn about the principles of heat transfer and insulation, as well as the chemistry behind the perfect s’more.


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