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An intuitive, easy-to-use way to put the power of InfoWest at your fingertips!

Harness the Power of the InfoWest Router

The Ultimate Router Experience

  • Managed by InfoWest so you don’t have to worry about firmware and software updates
  • Handles Gigabit speeds
  • Secure, reliable, commercial-grade router
  • Only $10 a month!
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The Best Choice in Internet Routers

Latest and Greatest:
The latest internet technology, when your router becomes outdated we will replace it for free!

High Performance:
A commercial-grade router for your home that can handle all your data.

Get automatic maintenance and firmware updates, to keep you and your family secure while using the internet.

Easily connect to mesh units if you need them InfoWest can help extend your Wi-Fi to your entire home.

Don’t slow down your internet with with a slow router:
Working from home, streaming, and gaming the InfoWest-managed router provides the ultimate speeds and the best connectivity.

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