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Experience the internet faster than ever before from a company with three decades of experience. No data caps, no bandwidth metering, and gigabit speeds from your local internet experts.

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Residential Internet
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  • Fiber

    Up to 2 Gbps
    The Ultimate Internet Experience. Mesh Units and Gigabit speed router included.
  • Fiber/Fiberwave

    Up to 1 Gbps
    Stream 4K and connect multiple devices, able to handle all your internet needs.
  • Fiber/Fiberwave

    Up to 250 Mbps
    250M upload and download! Starting at $55/month. Download large files, and stream with ease. Get same upload and download speeds and the best customer support. Sign up today and get one month free!
  • Wireless

    Up to 100 Mbps
    Download 100 Mbps | UP to 20 Mpbs Upload. Great for social networking, email, shopping, streaming music, HD videos and multi-player gaming. Router and equipment included!
  • Wireless

    Up to 35 Mbps
    Download 35 Mbps | Up to 4 Mpbs Upload. Supports multiple devices, great for social networking, email, shopping, streaming live music and HD videos. Router and equipment included!
  • Wireless

    Up to 25 Mbps
    Download 25 Mbps | Up to 3 Mbps Upload, Support Multiple Devices, great for social networking, email, shopping and streaming music.
    • Fiber

      Up to 2 Gbps
      The ultimate in speed 2Gig upload and download. 3 Year contract price call now for more pricing options.
    • Fiber/FiberWave

      Up to 1 Gbps
      Able to handle your connectivity needs. 3 Year contract price call now for more pricing options.
    • Fiber

      Up to 500 Mbps
      Great for multiple POS (point of sale machines) and 2-5 computers working at a time. Able to handle security cameras and smart devices. 3 Year contract price call now for more pricing options.
    • Wireless

      Up to 200 Mbps
      Perfect for small businesses with basic connectivity needs. Great for POS (point of sale) machines, multiple computers, and more advanced cameras and security. Compatible with VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Call now for more pricing options on our 3-year contract.
    • Wireless

      Up to 100 Mbps
      Stream videos on multiple devices, use POS (point of sale) systems, support three or four users, and manage a standard office security system with room to increase your VoIP phone capacity. Call now for more pricing options on our 3-year contract.
    • Wireless

      Up to 50 Mbps
      Great for your small business or office, ideal for your POS (point of sale) system, VoIP phones, and up to two computers streaming music. Call now for more pricing options on our 3-year contract.
      • Get Speeds up to 10Gbps
      • VoIP and Security also Available
      • The Ultimate Internet Experience 
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      Give your friends $50 off any InfoWest residential internet service. Receive a $50 credit to your InfoWest account when your friends sign up. There is no limit to the number of account credits you can earn!

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      How we serve our community

      Since our founding in St. George UT, in 1994 InfoWest has become the Ultimate Internet Experience for our customers and has grown to provide more than just internet.

    • Internet for Multi-dwelling units

      We build and maintain custom fast, easy-to-use networks for apartment and condo complexes as well as hotels and motels from Orem to St. George. We take the work out of the network for owners and managers.
    • Government/Public safety

      When reliable communication is a must, we do our part to provide dedicated communication services to our government agencies including Fire Departments, Police Stations, First Responders, Municipal Offices and more!
    • Special events

      Does your event need reliable internet connection? InfoWest now offers up to 1 Gig of internet for custom outdoor and temporary events. We have provided service for races, concerts, non-profits and more! Contact us today to see if InfoWest can cover your event.
    • Security

      We provide home security, home video surveillance, and home automation. There are also many additional add-ons like thermostat control, lighting control, door locking, garage control, remote access, and outlet control. The options to protect and monitor your property are virtually endless!
    • VoIP

      Our cloud based business phone systems are perfectly suited for all office sizes. InfoWest Hosted Phones have the power and flexibility of the most advanced systems on the market yet still fit into your budget. 1 phone or 1,000 phones we’ve got you covered.
    • IT Support

      Need internet at an event, arena or somewhere else? We’ve got you covered. InfoWest supplies internet to events both big and small. We provide wiring services, and other low voltage services need your IT problems solved? We’ve got the answers.
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        The InfoWest family

        At InfoWest, our customers are our neighbors and family. We employ over 130 Utahns and work near you to ensure you get the speeds you want and the customer service you deserve. Call us 24/7 or stop by your local office. We are proud to be your local internet leader and provider.

        Local customer support
        24/7 Monitoring
        No Residential Contracts

        The Best People

        You don’t stay in business for over 30 years without a great team. Our team members are passionate, experienced and dedicated to delivering exceptional service and care. You can rest assured that we always have our finest prepared and ready to serve you.


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        Customer Service


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        Network Admin

          You're in good company

          InfoWest has provided Southern Utah with high speed internet for 30 years! Since 1994, InfoWest has continued to grow and expand throughout Southern Utah. In 2010, we took a big step and moved our internet footprint into communities in Southern Nevada who were in dire need of a reliable internet connection. We love our communities and those who we serve.

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