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What Makes Christmas Extra Special?

December 21, 2020

The spirit of Christmas is in the air. Red, white, and green Christmas lights, the song little drummer boy playing at the grocery store, and hot cocoa simmering on the stove. The traditions of decorating the Christmas tree, spending time with family, and random acts of kindness are what make this holiday extra special.

Christmas holds a special place in our hearts for many reasons. As a child, the reasons for loving the season are mainly for sledding, snowball fights, Santa, and of course, the presents. As we get older and move into adulthood, we enjoy the season for different reasons. Showing kindness, giving generously, and the family traditions we share. Each family’s unique traditions are like adding their signature touch to the season.

As more time passes, the more nostalgic Christmas traditions become. They remind us of simpler times and the love shared. Such as racing siblings to the Christmas tree in new pajamas to see what fun gifts Santa brought or watching Hallmark movies while eating holiday sweets and drinking hot chocolate. For others, Christmas reminds us of all the special times we shared and those who are no longer with us.

We asked around the office, and here’s what a few InfoWest team members had to say about their favorite holiday traditions.

  • Catherine L., Director of Marketing, said, “Each year, my family and extended family would get together and walk door to door to sing holiday carols to our neighbors.”
  • Manny R., CSR Manager, said, “My family has a Christmas tradition as many Latinos do around the world, where on Christmas Eve we have a party or celebration of the day. We have family over, eat yummy food like Tamales and other traditional Mexican Foods, and stay up until midnight. At midnight the kids open all of their presents after staying up late. Christmas day, we have leftovers and go out as a family on a hike or go play in a snowy area.”
  • InfoWest C.T.O., Cassidy L. shared his favorite tradition of going to Germany to visit the Christmas markets.
  • Fred W., from our Commercial Accounts team, shared, “One of our favorite family Christmas traditions is meeting together Christmas morning and going through our stockings first to see what Santa left for us. Afterward, we would gather for a delicious breakfast of Eggs Benedict and then make our way back to the tree, taking turns in opening our Christmas presents. It’s always a GREAT day!!
  • Tiffany P., from our Richfield office, said, “My family’s Christmas tradition usually starts on Christmas Eve. We celebrate a German Christmas with a big dinner, eggnog, lots of sweet treats, and gifts, and spend time finding a hidden pickle in the Christmas tree.”

Regardless of your traditions, it’s time we share and the memories we create that always put a smile on our faces. That’s the true spirit of Christmas. The traditions we share and the memories we make with others. We hope you take time this holiday to disconnect and be in the moment with those you love. From all of us at InfoWest, We wish you a very safe and happy holiday.

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