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Shelbie - Customer Service Representative in Cedar City

January 18, 2024

Customer Service Representative.

InfoWest, we take pride in our exceptional team members. Our internet experts come from diverse backgrounds, ensuring a well-rounded approach to serving our customers!Meet Shelbie Churchill, an amazing and  valuable member of our CSR Billing department based in Festival City Cedar City, Utah office.

With 2 1/2 years of dedicated service, Shelbie exemplifies our commitment to providing top-notch support to our valued customers.

"I love supporting my team and having a supportive boss."

Shelbie believes in a strong work ethic, defined by giving your best and maintaining honesty. She actively fosters collaboration by reaching out to her team with questions and innovative solutions. Every day, Shelbie contributes to bridging the digital gap, providing reliable and fast fiber internet – a necessity in today's connected world.

"I find joy in fully taking care of my customers, hearing the relief in their voices. Providing reliable, fast internet for streaming, gaming, and remote work is immensely gratifying. We play a crucial role in keeping people connected!"

Juggling both customer service and billing roles has equipped Shelbie with versatile skills. Relocating to Cedar City initially posed job dissatisfaction, but joining a company like InfoWest transformed her professional experience.

"My journey with The Internet People feels like being part of a second family. The work culture is fantastic, offering the best of both big and small company perks."

Being in the technology sector excites Shelbie as it continually evolves. "Technology surrounds us, enhancing our everyday lives. I love being a part of it and witnessing the transformative changes." Outside of work, Shelbie enjoys quality time with her boyfriend, daughter, and three dogs, savoring outdoor activities when the weather allows.

"I also have a passion for crafting! Exploring new crafts is something I genuinely enjoy."

If you're in Cedar City, Utah, and searching for reliable internet services, look no further than InfoWest - The Internet People. Our dedicated team, exemplified by professionals like Shelbie Churchill, is committed to providing The Ultimate Internet Experience internet solutions for seamless streaming, gaming, and remote work. Join us in experiencing the best in connectivity!


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