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Discover the Faces Behind Your Internet Experience

June 13, 2024

Discover the Faces Behind Your Internet Experience

At InfoWest - The Internet People, we firmly believe that the heart of our service lies in the people ensuring our customers and neighbors receive The Ultimate Internet Experience.

Meet Sara Schmitz, one of our exceptional Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), whose commitment to excellence has been shaping positive encounters for our clients since she joined our team in January 2020.

Over the years, her passion for numbers and attention to detail have been instrumental in handling billing and working with customers seamlessly, all while engaging in meaningful conversations with our clients. "I enjoy being a CSR at InfoWest. I get to do all the things I love," Sara shares. "I’m a numbers person, and I take pride in doing billing and audits each day. Plus, I get to talk to so many interesting people."

For Sara, it’s important to keep the customers happy and that is a highlight throughout her work days.  "It feels so good getting off a call with a customer, and they tell you that you just made their day," she remarks. 

Beyond the realm of professional duties, Sara finds herself embraced by the tight-knit neighborly atmosphere at InfoWest. "I love working at InfoWest because it's like I am working with an amazing extended family," she says. "Everyone at InfoWest is so kind and friendly. I love that I come to work, and I am a part of a company that cares so much about its customers."

In Sara's eyes, the strength of InfoWest lies not only in its exceptional services but also in its people. "Working with such a close group of people is one of InfoWest's greatest strengths, and that is my main reason why InfoWest is a great place to work," she concludes. 

Customer Care Manager, Manny mentions,“Over the years, Sara has shown to be a very hard worker and a huge team player! She is a very experienced internet billing genius who helps keep our customers happy.” Outside the office, Sara cherishes moments spent with her daughter and beloved pets, Stanlee the Corgi and Nikkee the Shih Tzu. Whether unwinding with classic TV shows and movies or simply enjoying quality time at home, Sara embraces life's simple pleasures.

If you're in St. George and seeking reliable internet services, InfoWest is your go-to provider. With individuals like Sara Schmitz, we're dedicated to providing you with the ultimate internet experience.  Get InfoWest internet today!                 

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