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Giving Back to the Community

April 9, 2024

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The InfoWest Way

As a local business, giving back is top of mind when it comes to making the communities we live in work better. We have tens of thousands of customers with over 30 years in business, we couldn’t be more grateful for the support we have received; many of our customers have been with us since the start. As we have grown, so has the technology industry and the solutions have advanced. From dialup, DSL, wireless internet and now fiber! InfoWest has been providing S. Utah internet since the virtual start of the internet, updating our technology to bring you the latest and fastest internet possible. 

We have grown following our passion for rural internet in small towns like Saint George, Cedar City, Richfield, Monroe, Annabella Utah, and Overton Nevada. With a small town comes tight-knit neighbors; and that’s what we like! 

If anything, the one thing we can do to show our thanks to our communities is to give back. For example, we have tons of businesses that use InfoWest Internet. When long-time business customers have charity events or fundraisers, you will find us in the front row! Even chamber events, fundraisers, school events, we’re there! InfoWest is proud to donate thousands of dollars each year back to our local communities. 

One of our favorite annual service events we do is our InfoWest backpack giveaway! Every summer we give away over 500 backpacks to kids in our communities! The great thing is, anyone can come! If you are someone who is in need, or someone that just doesn’t have the time to get your child school supplies, we have you covered! We provide the backpack itself, a pencil box, writing utensils, erasers, notebooks, loose leaf paper, folders, and everything your kids need to be ready for school! 

Another annual service event we do is Kids Innovate! This event is a stem camp for kids! Kids ages 7-12 can join us for yet another free event! We provide t-shirts, snacks, lunch, and educational experiences! From 3-D printing, engineering, and other hands-on STEM activities. 

To learn more about our Annual Backpack Giveaway and Kids Innovate, click here

Overall, giving back to the community is not just a noble act; it's a vital part of creating a better world for everyone. Whether through volunteering, charitable donations, or simple acts of kindness, each contribution has the power to make a meaningful impact. By working together and supporting one another, we can build stronger, more resilient communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. So, we continue to spread positivity, compassion, and generosity to make a difference. 

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