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Go Fiber is now a service of InfoWest and is the best choice for fiber internet in St. George and Cedar City for your business. With Go Fiber, you get same speeds for upload and download and the best customer support.

InfoWest is quickly expanding with Go Fiber connectivity across Southern Utah, giving you up to 2Gig upload and download to your home.
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When your internet is InfoWest Go Fiber you get:
  • 24/7 Local Utah customer support
  • Network monitoring and the best professionals keeping you connected
  • Same upload and download speeds
  • Big enough to keep you connected and small enough to care about award-winning local customer service
  • The latest fiber technology so you are set up for success when new technology allows for even faster speeds
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Prices above reflect 3-year agreement with free installation and no additional charges. Additional options available are available.*

1 Gig


500 MBPS


250 MBPS


100 MBPS


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*Installation fees may be incurred depending upon the agreed term of service. Some installations require travel fees.

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