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InfoWest Easter Traditions

March 31, 2024

Meet Some of Our Staff

Easter is here and it comes with fun, family, and traditions. We asked some of our team members what their favorite traditions are around their favorite spring holiday. Here are some InfoWest Easter Traditions:

Tiffany Anderson - CSR/Billing in Richfield Utah

Tiffany is one of our CSR and billing reps in the forefront of customer care at our Richfield office. When Tiffany was younger, for Easter they would paint easter eggs and have an easter egg hunt.

“When I was younger my mom would always make Easter feel like a fun holiday,” said Tiffany. 

Her family tradition went on for almost 10 years as a family. Tiffany and her family would decorate eggs the day before Easter, then they would wake up the next morning to a visit from the Easter Bunny, leaving everyone an Easter Basket. With the extra eggs from their Easter egg hunt, they would go out to the hills and roll the eggs down to see who's egg was faster. After that, they would go shooting and then home to have an Easter dinner. 

Steven Shapely - Field Ops Supervisor in Cedar City, Utah

Steven is our Field Ops Supervisor at our Cedar City office. Steven and his team are the team that can get you connected in Cedar City, Utah. If you are from Cedar City and have InfoWest Internet, chances are, Steven has been a part of it.

Steven’s Easter traditions were to paint eggs and do an Easter egg hunt, with a spin. As long as he can remember, this tradition has been alive and well in his family. They would get eggs from chickens and then boil and paint them. They would use the chicken eggs for their Easter egg hunt. The first one back with all of their eggs would get ice cream.

“One of my favorite memories was going to the City Park for our Easter egg hunt. We had a bunch of people come over to participate in the fun.,” recalled Steven. 

Jake Stenholm  - Field Ops South Manager in Saint George, Utah

Jake is our Field Ops South Manager. He focuses on keeping everything on schedule in St. George, and Southern Utah. Every Easter break, or spring break as some call it, Jake and his family would take a road trip to Hinkley, Utah to visit his aunt and uncle.

“I used to look forward to it because they owned a ton of land and horses and four wheelers we could ride; things I didn't have access to growing up in the city” Jake said with a smile.

On Easter morning, they would wake up to an Easter basket with a new kite in it. After opening baskets, they would do their Easter egg hunt and fly their new kites.

Adam Leonard - Purchasing Coordinator in Saint George, Utah 

Adam is our awesome purchasing coordinator as he likes to say, “I get to shop with other people's money.” Adam’s Easter tradition is to have an easter egg hunt for the kids. They hide eggs stuffed with prizes, candy, and money. Sometimes the hunt doesn't always go as planned.

“One year we found a real egg we did not find the previous year. Ewwww!” Remarked Adam. 

Sara Schmitz  - CSR/Billing in Saint George, Utah 

Sara is one of our CSRs at our Saint George location. If you’ve come to our corporate office to pay a bill or switch to InfoWest, chances are you’ll see Sara. Sara’s Easter tradition was going to her grandparent’s house for dinner.

She says that the dining room table was long and she always sat at the very end. There also happened to be light switches where she sat too. “I would turn the lights out and my Grandpa would say ‘Sara turn the lights back on’ and then we'd all laugh. It was a great tradition that I will always remember.” 

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