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InfoWest Expands Its Fiber Footprint in Southern Utah

July 1, 2020

InfoWest Expands Local Fiber Hood in Southern Utah

Southern Utah’s original Internet service provider has expanded its fiber network. InfoWest, The Internet People, recently acquired the Sienna Hills Fiber-to-the-Home development from Veracity Networks. Veracity had provided residents of Sienna Hills in Washington, Utah, with fiber internet service for the past ten years.

kelly nyberg ceo infowest

InfoWest CEO Kelly Nyberg

InfoWest President and CEO Kelly Nyberg said, “We have long respected Veracity Networks. They have done a fantastic job building and growing their fiber-optic service in Sienna Hills. InfoWest plans only to build on their efforts so we can achieve our main objective to provide the ultimate internet experience to every customer in our growing network.”

InfoWest has one of the largest wireless broadband networks within the Western United States. With over two hundred and fifty high-speed wireless internet tower locations across Utah, Arizona, and Southern Nevada. This new acquisition allows InfoWest to continue to grow its fiber-optic network, as well.

Over the next few months, InfoWest will begin transitioning the Sienna Hills fiber network to offer all residents in the area, reliable, local fiber internet service.

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