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Inside InfoWest: Exploring Employees’ Top Apps - Spotify, Youtube, and TikTok

June 27, 2024

Inside Infowest: Exploring Employees’ Top Apps

Smartphones have become essential tools for work. InfoWest team members have a few we use for work daily. But The Internet People also love our phones for entertainment and relaxation. Among the variety of apps available there were many divserve apps that are used among InfoWest employees. Three stand out as favorites at InfoWest: Spotify, YouTube, and TikTok. Let's take a peek behind the scenes and discover why these apps are favored among InfoWest's employees; along with a few other unique ones.

Spotify: In the dynamic environment of InfoWest, where creativity flows and collaboration thrives, Spotify serves as a favorite among employees here. With its library of music spanning every genre imaginable, Spotify caters to the diverse tastes of InfoWest employees. From coding sessions to brainstorming meetings, the right playlist can set the tone and inspire innovation. Driving to work, home, or hiking in the southern Utah desert our people love spotify.

YouTube: At InfoWest, YouTube is the gateway to a world of learning and exploration. YouTube is also a hub of entertainment, offering a break from the demands of the day. Whether it's catching up on the latest youtubers, unwinding with music or music videos, or indulging in nostalgic gaming videos, YouTube is a source of inspiration and relaxation for InfoWest employees, fueling their passions and igniting their creativity.

TikTok: For employees, TikTok serves as a source of laughter, inspiration, and creativity. It provides an outlet for self-expression and allows individuals to showcase their talents and interests in engaging ways.
Beyond the crowd of similar apps, there are a few exceptional gems that truly stand out.

Libby: At InfoWest, lots of employees enjoy unwinding with a good book. Libby is a top pick among our apps. With Libby, you can dive into books without spending a dime—all you need is a library card. It's a convenient way to explore the library's treasures right from your couch.

Supercook and Cooklist: Supercook and Cooklist are go-to favorites for InfoWest employees. These apps share a common goal: to simplify meal preparation. They make cooking fun and hassle-free, showing that whipping up a meal can be a good time without any stress. Cooklist will even give you recipes with the food already in your pantry or fridge.

Happy Color: When it comes to unwinding, Happy Color is a digital coloring book that's a real game-changer. With this app on your phone or tablet, you can immerse yourself in a world of relaxation, satisfaction, and fun all rolled into one.

Olive Garden: One delightful surprise among the InfoWest favorites is Olive Garden, a go-to choice. It's no wonder—with tempting options like endless breadsticks and creamy pasta dishes, who can resist scrolling through their menu for hours? No judgment whatsoever.

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