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Get Faster Residential Internet with Go Fiber

Fiber internet in Monroe, Utah. With InfoWest Go Fiber, you get the same upload and download speeds with future proof internet.

When your internet is InfoWest Go Fiber you get:

• 24/7 Local Utah customer support
• Network monitoring and the best professionals keeping you connected
• Same upload and download speeds
• Big enough to keep you connected and small enough to care about award-winning customer service
• The latest fiber technology so you are set up for success when new technology allows for even faster speeds

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How Will My InfoWest Go Fiber Internet Be Installed?

InfoWest Go Fiber Internet requires a Fiber connection. Standard installation includes following old communication lines into your home.
  1. Depending on which side your communication lines are located we will determine how to bring the Fiber line into your home.
  2. Once the equipment is installed outside, the InfoWest Installer will need to bring the cable from the inside to connect to your router. This may require them to drill a small hole. Then the installer will seal all exterior holes and use drip loops on all exterior cables.
  3. Finally, the InfoWest Installer will test the system with your computer to ensure the signal strength is working at its expected service level and Internet browsing is functional.

Why is Fiber a Great Internet Choice for You?

Fiber gives you a faster and more reliable internet connection. InfoWest is proud to be installing fiber across Monroe at no cost to taxpayers or the city of Monroe, Utah.

Why is Fiber Internet a Great Choice for your Home?


  1. Faster speeds: Fiber internet is much faster than traditional cable or DSL services.
  2. Cost savings: Fiber internet can save you money. Get 1GIG for just $70 per month!
  3. Better for video conferencing and working from home: Fiber internet is better for video conferencing due to its low latency and faster speeds.
  4. Better for gaming and streaming: Fiber internet is better for gaming, due to its low latency, faster speeds, and a more reliable connection. No more buffering in the middle of streaming your favorite show!
  5. More reliability: Fiber internet is more reliable than other internet services providing consistent speeds even during peak hours.
  6. More secure: Fiber internet is more secure than traditional internet services.
  7. Fiber internet is the future of the internet: When you Go Fiber you can trust we’ve built our network for the future.

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