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Joy Rides Bike Rental - Powered by InfoWest

November 14, 2022,

Gavin and Gracie Joy purchased a local bike rental shop in early 2022. When they purchased the company, InfoWest Internet came with it.

Shortly after the purchase, two InfoWest employees stopped by and talked to them about their needs. For the small company, phones and internet are major considerations since customers schedule reservations for bikes, scooters, paddle boards, and other recreational equipment that they offer.

"We help people discover St. George on all the different trail systems, to help show people how beautiful Southern Utah is", said Gracie.

Joy Rides is one of the First Companies in St. George with access to FiberWave giving the shop Gig speed internet.

"It's great to have a local company. We had an issue with our router, and I took it down to the office and they got it fixed right away",  said Gavin when asked why working with a local company is important.

We are a local company, so we want to support a local company – we love our InfoWest phones and Internet!%22

InfoWest is known for being the first ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Southern Utah. We are also the Internet behind many of your favorite local companies big and small. Give us a call at 435-272-4442 to get connected.

Watch Gavin and Gracie's story here


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