Scott Blog

“Above and beyond is a part of InfoWest!” Voiced Scott when asked about why he goes above and beyond for each customer at InfoWest.

Scott has been an Internet Person since July of 2022, and has been a wonderful asset to InfoWest as we expand Go Fiber across Utah. Scott's role is more than sales, he often spends his day going the extra mile. 

"Businesses of any size, small and large, have a lot to worry about; and the internet shouldn't be one of them."

Scott spent 30 years in hospitality and owned a restaurant. He knows a thing or two about business needs and knows how to help them hit the ground running.

“InfoWest has always stayed on top of internet technology. We have top market options; Fiber, FiberWave, Phones, Wireless internet, and security.” 

He was an InfoWest customer years before he started working with InfoWest and our team of experts. He has quickly become an expert in what local businesses need, and how to help them pick the best options that will work for them.

"InfoWest has a great a-la-carte approach; one size doesn't fit all."

When asked what sets InfoWest apart from other ISPs Scott replied, “Our customer service.” InfoWest support is available 24/7 and cares about your needs. “One phone call, one tech.” 

Scott loves to make connections with his customers. “It’s the best part of my job! I get to learn more about people and support them in their passion for their business!”  

As a local internet company, InfoWest aims to be partners with our business customers. With support for you and your company, let InfoWest satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

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