Jonathan VanDeberg InfoWest Network Administrator HeadshotI joined InfoWest in 2019 as a support ops technician after graduating from Utah Tech University to expand my skills in Information Technology. I was in that role for six months when I decided to expand my skills. I left for an airline to be part of their IT team as a Systems Support Administrator. InfoWest and my managers helped me prepare for that role and taught me new ways to learn which is what I loved about my time at InfoWest. 

They took the time to teach me the skills I needed and showed me new ways of troubleshooting and all sorts of tricks of the trade that even I was able to pass my airline coworkers. My time in the airlines was wonderful, and I think how InfoWest prepared me to excel in an industry field with technology.

One year after leaving InfoWest, I found myself back home as a Network Administrator. I looked back at my time and realized how good I had it with the Internet People. InfoWest likes to take care of its employees. They do the right thing simply because it's the right thing.

Since I have returned, the skills I had acquired still apply; I continue to learn something new every day. The InfoWest “work culture” isn't work; it truly feels like you are treated like family here.

Leaving InfoWest was a great decision. I got to view the tech atmosphere from a different perspective and gain other insights from other peers.

Coming back to InfoWest was one of the best decisions I made. I could not be happier that I did. Each new day is an adventure, and the sky is truly the limit. Everyone is always looking for their dream company; when I was at InfoWest, I had my dream company all along. My career journey had its ups and downs. But coming home to InfoWest felt like a family reunion. I have never been happier to be back and working with The Internet People.

Thank you, InfoWest.

~ Jonathan