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Fred, Your Neighbor!

April 14, 2023

Your neighbor, Fred, has been working at InfoWest for 8 years. Fred makes a real effort to connect with people and all members of the community. He is an amazing example of InfoWest’s mission statement, by providing each person the 'ultimate internet experience.' Fred cares about you and your business, the same as InfoWest does. It's not uncommon for someone to hear, "you work with Fred," when the topic of employment comes up and Fred has brought many people to their local chamber meetings to network. 

When Fred is not out and about in the community, or in the office you can find him taking care of his yard, or enjoying time with his wonderful wife in the mountains. He enjoys spending his time in nature and capturing the world through photography. He also loves riding his ATV. 

When asked about his experience at InfoWest, Fred remarked, “I’m excited to come to work every morning. Working at InfoWest has never been a drudgery, but a blessing because I love what I do. I love the people I work with. I love being able to use my gifts and talents to go out into the community and learn more about so many different types of people and of their business. At InfoWest, the sky is truly the limit!”

InfoWest has helped Fred reach his career goals; he’s been able to be himself by being involved in InfoWest networking.

The InfoWest, people-first culture has been one of Fred’s best highlights from working at InfoWest. 

"The company and its employees are unified. It’s not a hierarchy. It is a culture of fun, joy and lots of laughter." 

Fred mentioned that he’s been told that he cares too much about his customer - (from people outside of InfoWest.) But he knows that building relationships is the key to business success. InfoWest people strive to build relationships resulting in reliable, lasting friendships here in our community.

“It’s something that's needed, and I want to be able to provide the best service for the customer. The Internet is not just a FAD. I want our customers to feel like they can trust InfoWest, because they can.” 

“It’s Fred, your neighbor, signing off!”

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