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Meet The Internet People

June 26, 2024

Meet The Internet People

At InfoWest, achieving the Ultimate Internet Experience entails more than just exceptional customer service and high-speed internet. It involves meticulous behind-the-scenes efforts to ensure our customers receive the finest internet service. Meet Dallin Pead, who plays a vital role in civil drafting and engineering, mapping out fiber networks.

Dallin is responsible for pre-engineering tasks related to fiber builds and bids, determining the optimal installation route for Fiber. The presence of this role is crucial for bringing fiber into our customers' homes. Talking to Dallin about how to get fiber to a new HOA or apartment complex or even a single family home you can see his passion for making sure people have the best internet.

Dallin has been with InfoWest for the past nine months. "I feel the most satisfaction in my work when I witness the progression of my projects from the pre-engineering phase to completion. It's rewarding to observe how much our local communities appreciate our services."

Outside of the fast paced world of Dallin Pead he is slowing down enjoying time with his two young children and wife playing with lots of legos and watching tons of Bluey with them. He also winds down by playing video games and collecting records.

“I enjoy working for InfoWest because I know that my skills bring good use to a company who wants to use them to benefit the customer; InfoWest lets me take my time to design the best route.” Says Pead.“Also, my boss and team match my energy very well which makes things a lot easier!”

Dallin Pead and dedicated professionals like him are the backbone of InfoWest, continuously striving to elevate the standard of internet service provision. Get InfoWest Internet Today!

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